WeGo Health Activist Awards.

https://badges.wegohealth.com/ha-awards-2016?referrer=vfxKpQwLctOz0BFxWjHVdw https://badges.wegohealth.com/ha-awards-2016?referrer=OOD932bZgTqwhSCiXjUfWQ Every year WeGo Health puts on the Health Activist awards where you nominate a health advocate in your journey / community for an award to recognize them for making a difference in the community. This year my website,facebook page and twitter have been nominated for awards! I am extremely excited and humbled for... Continue Reading →

My Life today

Well This is my First Blog post so Heres a little about my life. I am 19 years old I will be attending Mississippi College this fall for my Junior year of College! I am Majoring in Pre-Med I hope to one day be a doctor! I have a wonderful Girlfriend Named Emily Henderson we... Continue Reading →

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