My Journey with Strensiq for Hypophosphatasia.

When I was diagnosed with my ultra-rare genetic disease Hypophosphatasia back in August 2017 I was told there was only one approved medicine to treat the disease and not every patient is eligible to get on the treatment. The main reason is that the drug is only approved for patients who have a specific formContinue reading “My Journey with Strensiq for Hypophosphatasia.”

Hypophosphatasia: My Story.

Today is hypophosphatasia awareness day and I wanted to talk about my new diagnosis and what this means for my health. If you want to learn in depth what the disease is you can read my article I posted yesterday ☞ Hypophosphatasia: What is it? Hypophosphatasia: My Story. My entire life I have dealt with skeletalContinue reading “Hypophosphatasia: My Story.”

Hypophosphatasia: What is it?

October 30th is Hypophosphatasia Awareness Day and because I was recently diagnosed with this ultra-rare genetic disease I wanted to write two posts. One to go into detail about the disease using current research, and the second post about my own journey with the disease and diagnosis. Hypophosphatasia: Hypophosphatasia=HPP Alkaline Phosphatase= ALP Hypophosphatasia (HPP) isContinue reading “Hypophosphatasia: What is it?”