HoneyColony Equilibrium Review

Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a product review through theChronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Any products I review will always be honest reviews good or bad. SupportIBD or Aaron Blocker cannot be held responsible for any products reviewed on my site that you choose to use. Review Disclaimer.

As a graduate student in a rigorous scientific program I am ALWAYS looking for something that can give me more energy. Whether it is staying up late to study, getting up extremely early to get to the research lab or just generally needing to wake up I need something. As a Crohn’s Disease patient though I have to be extremely careful with what I put in my body because I never know how it will affect my disease. I drink A LOT of coffee which is not the best thing for my disease but it does give me energy. I am constantly searching for some type of natural substitute that will have the same effect as coffee in giving me energy or even something better than that. When I was offered to review the HoneyColony Equilibrium Energy Supplement I Jumped at the opportunity because it is an all natural, honey-based product.

Ordering and Packagaing.

Now, I did not order this product myself it was just sent to me from the company but I did check out the website itself and the process of ordering it to see how easy it would be. The website is very well organized and easy to find the product you are looking for or just needing general information! The packaging was simple just a standard box and bubble wrap around the product for protection. Nothing too fancy just simple and easy, which I like.


The Supplement.

Given this product is considered a dietary supplement I wanted to look at what ingredients are in it to make sure nothing immediately made me think it would upset my crohn’s. The base of this supplement is raw honey which is great because it helps with the taste and raw honey has some health benefits to it and I also know I can tolerate raw honey. I am not going to list out every ingredient but it does have some prebiotics that support your gut flora, ginger, turmeric etc. All of the ingredients are natural and some of them are concentrated which gives them a stronger effect. Some of the effects that the website lists for each ingredient I don’t know the validity of all of it and as a scientist-in-training I take some of them with a grain of salt but that is just in my nature when it comes to products that are considered “superfoods.” They do suggest that to get maximum effect it helps to follow a clean eating diet.

Taste and Texture.

Given the base of this product is honey the taste to me was not bad at all. I know that some people have issues with the taste because it is definitely different but I handled it just fine. It has a sweet taste and a little earthy to me. The texture is also odd, it is a thick grainy texture but easy to swallow. For those who have trouble with the taste and texture it was suggested to put it in something like hot tea but I just ate it straight up!


Health effects.

The recommended amount of this supplement is one heaping teaspoon a day because you only need a little bit of it for it to work and I agree. I started with one teaspoon a day but honestly, I think it worked too well as I had more energy than I needed so I ended up cutting my serving to about half a teaspoon. This product really worked for me! After a few days of using it, I realized I had more energy than I usually do and it also did not make me sick. I generally eat a fairly clean diet as well. With school getting back in session this supplement has been a great additive to my morning routine although I do still drink some coffee because I love it :).


If you are looking for a healthy energy supplement I really do recommend this product. It is an easy healthy option for more energy and health benefits. I am a firm believer in using natural products if they work. I am however skeptical of most products because once again that is in my nature. I am by no means a health fanatic I do my best to eat right and exercise but I also am human and need certain things. If there is anything I can do to help my health whether it be a natural supplement or medication I am going to do it. This product has been a great addition to my diet and if you are looking for a healthy energy option you should definitely give this a shot.

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