Hip Replacement Update: Scar and X-ray Pictures.

I wanted to post one last update and recap of my recent surgical journey. These last few months have been some of the hardest I’ve had to endure in my young life.As most of you know back in February I dislocated my hip, which meant I dislocated my prosthetic joint as both of my hips have been replaced. I found out that my prosthetics were failing me after only 3 years and at 24 years old I had to undergo hip replacement revision surgeries to get my hips stable enough for me to get my mobility back.

I was devastated.

On March 7th I had surgery where my surgeon replaced my prosthetic joint with a new prosthesis and lengthened my leg, which was successful and my road to recovery began. I knew the other hip replacement needed replacing as well but I worked hard at physical therapy to build up strength in both legs in preparation for more surgery. Therapy went well and I went back to school for 2 months in the summer to get back on track with my classwork.

IMG_3192 IMG_4134

On July 11th I had my other revision done and leg lengthened so I wasn’t uneven anymore and the next recovery began. I am now 6 weeks post-op and just had my check up with my surgeon. Things are great. I’m walking without assistance, working hard in physical therapy and my hip X-rays look amazing. My surgeon and staff were so excited when I walked in, they were hugging me and celebrating this victory because they had personally seen the hell I was going through at such a young age (youngest hip replacement patient in the clinic). Both Scars are about 11inches long.


My recovery journey is still going, as it will be a life-long journey. To keep my hips in good health I have to exercise often and keep the muscles surrounding my hips in good shape.


I did get some bad news the other day. I have Osteoporosis due to prednisone use and might have another rare illness. With this new diagnosis exercising and a healthy diet is a must to strengthen my bones. It sucks but at least it gives me a reason to keep my hips good and strong.

Being 24 and undergoing surgery that some people never need, and finding out my bones are so brittle I’m at a high risk for fracture is not awesome, but it’s the hand that I’ve been dealt. I don’t know what the next 10 years of my life have in store for me but I do know I’m gonna fight for my health. I am changing my diet, exercising and focusing on my overall health. I am continuing school given my health holds out I will get my Ph.D.

I’ve faced so much at such a young age and I’ve learned to not take anything for granted. I’m lucky to be walking and I know that can change at any moment. I want to give it everything I have because I have to get healthy. Not only for me but also for my family.

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  1. Aaron,

    I am happy to hear the good news on your recovery and physical therapy. Even though I may not know you personally your journey touches my heart. I know that you have been thrown many curve balls and now there is another. You have the gift of the fight in you. I know that you will overcome this too. You have many friends both close and cyber who are by your side. Keep strong and keep the faith.


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