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Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Any products I review will always be honest reviews good or bad. SupportIBD or Aaron Blocker cannot be held responsible for any products reviewed on my site that you choose to use. Review Disclaimer

Essential oils have been around for a long time, and I have often heard of they can offer some beneficial side effects. I have used essential oils for a few things including the nice smell they give off and to help clear out some sinus congestion, but never used them daily for anything else. If you read about essential oils there are a few benefits listed from their calming effects to helping with congestion and as a chronic illness patient and a graduate student I am always looking for new and natural ways to help with stress or some of my health issues. When I was offered to review OrganicAromas essential oil diffuser I was very excited to get it and see if the essential oils really do help. Let’s start with the ordering process.


The Organic Aromatherapy oil diffuser can be ordered from amazon, which was extremely easy to do, but what impressed me was a prompt welcome email from the manufacturers. They sent out two personal emails that told me all about essential oils and the diffuser and a guide on how to use it so I would be familiar before the packaged arrived. They also sent an essential oil sample for me to use which was listed in the email as well. I very much appreciated the prompt response and guides.


When it came to the packaging I honestly had no idea what to expect or how big the diffuser might be. I was pleased with how it came in. Was a medium-sized box that held the diffuser, the oil, and all the parts needed to use it along with an instruction book to get you started. I took a few pictures which you can see below. It was all packaged very nicely and came with a nice bag that held the diffuser, and the glass parts with it as well which was all very protected from shattering. The diffuser itself is not that big so you can put it almost anywhere in your house, and aesthetically it looks nice so we put it on the bookshelf in our living room out in the open. It honestly looks pretty cool where it is at, I was pleased with the size and look of the diffuser.

IMG_4456 IMG_4457

Diffuser Setup & Use

It took no time to put the diffuser together it was very simple and took only a couple of minutes. The guide-book was also helpful and easy to use if there was a problem. I put oil in it and turned it on and was really impressed with how it instantly started working and you could smell the oil through the house in a matter of seconds! It also has a nice little light show that turns on when you turn the diffuser on which is really cool! Overall putting the diffuser together and turning it on took 4-5 minutes and I was done, which was great!


Essential Oil

The diffuser came with a small bottle of essential oil for me to use and like I said earlier you could smell it as soon as the diffuser turned on. Now, this specific scent did take some time  to get used to but after a while, it smells nice. It is hard to describe the smell exactly but it was a bit earthy to me. The good thing is that if you don’t like the smell of the oil it comes with they have a  TON more you can buy to use with the diffuser which is great. It really makes the house smell nice.



After using the product and smelling the oil every day I really do feel as if it helped me relax more. The smell of the oil was really calming, which was awesome as I am a pretty stressed out Grad Student 🙂 I have used candles in the past to aid in relaxation, but I like the diffuser better for this because it gives off such a strong smell that is all over the house.


In the end, I really enjoyed this product! From the first time ordering and setting up, to everyday use it has been pretty fantastic. I am impressed with the manufacturers and how nice they were, the way the diffuser looks and works and how it helped with relaxation. I am definitely going to keep using it and order some different essential oils. If you are looking for a diffuser I would for sure recommend this one!

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