CureClick Ambassador.

I recently was invited to be an Ambassador for a website called CureClick and wanted to talk a little about why I decided to join this website and what they do.

What is CureClick?

CureClick is an incredible website dedicated to making patients aware of current clinical trials and also helping patients join the clinical trials if they are a fit. CureClick is also not exclusive to just one illness or market, they present a broad range of clinical trials for different illnesses. Why would they do this? Because 60% of clinical trials fail due to lack of participants, which means potential treatments or life-saving therapies never make it to the general public due to lack of awareness or understanding of the scientific process and drug development. This is not fair to patients or the scientists and clinicians who work hard to develop these treatments and the funding that goes into a treatment or clinical trial. Did you know it takes 15-20 years for a drug to make it onto the market for patient use? Not including the millions of dollars spent in developing these drugs.

Why did I choose to become an Ambassador?

Why did I specifically join CureClick? As a scientist-in-training I have seen the hard work that goes into the development of new therapies and as a patient, I am always hopeful that new treatments will become available for my diseases. CureClick recruits real patient advocates to share these trials with their communities and makes it easy to access and sign up for the trials. They provide amazing resources and posts for the ambassadors to use. It gives me an opportunity to help educate patients on the importance of clinical trials and the process of how a clinical trial works. I know the IBD community are always asking about clinical trials and how to find them and that is another reason I joined CureClick so that I can provide the community with these trials.

As studies become available that I think might benefit the IBD community I will post them on my social media feeds with a link that goes straight to the clinical trial of interest website and how to sign up if you qualify. So if you see these links you know what they are about ahead of time.

Full Disclosure:

Full Disclosure: CureClick does compensate the ambassadors because of how hard we work to get the information out. They provide Amazon Gift cards or donations to charities of your choice. I want you all to know that any compensation I receive will either go to an IBD charity that I choose or used to keep my website and advocacy work funded because it does take money to run a website. However, this does not change my opinion about the website and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Even if I did not receive any compensation I would still be an ambassador for CureClick because I know clinical trials are important in the advancement of scientific research. I will always be honest about receiving compensation for anything I do.

I know the IBD community often times do not have just IBD, they have other autoimmune diseases or conditions. If you would like me to post about clinical trials that involve your other disease just let me know and I will!

Any decision that I make as an advocate I always think about the IBD community first and how the decisions I make will affect you. If I felt that CureClick was not worth my time and would not be beneficial to the IBD community I would not do it no matter if there was or was not compensation involved. I truly believe we can benefit and learn more about clinical research and the scientific progress by partnering with CureClick and I hope you guys see that as well. If you want to know more you can go to CureClick

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