Last week I had decided to take a break from all of my social media accounts that I have including taking a break from all of the Health Activists activities that I am currently involved in. I did this because I have been dealing with some health issues, and also some personal issues that needed to be taken care of. While I was away I stopped to think why do I do all of this? Why have I dedicated the last 4 years of my life to raising awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and being an advocate for those who need one, and also helping people who really need help? Why have I done all of this to get not much recognition for the work I do?  I know you may be thinking “Oh so he is thinking of quitting, or he is just doing this to be recognized.” That is not the case at all, I do this because I love helping people and even helping people in the background is always good enough for me and this is most definitely not why I took the small break. The reason I was thinking about this was because I needed to remind myself why this is so important to me. You do something for 4 years and you start to just follow a mundane routine and have no spark in me anymore. Following the routine and just going with the flow as they say is not a position I want to be in. I want every time I get on and help people or write up articles to be exciting and a feeling of joy to be able to help so many people. Helping people and raising awareness is the main goal and idea that gives me the drive to keep doing what I do.

I began to think and reminisce on what originally started me on this amazing journey to be an Advocate and Health Activists to those with IBD. I thought back to when I was diagnosed at 17 and how scared I was when I heard what was wrong with me. How I needed someone to talk to who was in a similar situation as me and someone to make me feel better about the situation. When I was at my lowest point that’s when I realized that there were millions of more people out there just like me who needed someone to talk to and someone help them through a tough situation and diagnosis. This is when I decided to create the facebook page Support Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis or Through this page I have been able to help thousands of people who need help and are in the same situation I found myself in 4 years ago. It has been so much more than that though, since the page being started I have made tons of new friends, added many admins who have become almost like family to me, it has opened many doors for me to become a Health Activists, to raise thousands of dollars for the CCFA, even being involved with the CCFA for many of their Health Activists opportunities that they have. All of this has also helped me even decided a career path for my life and that is being a Doctor. I am getting ready to apply to medical school this year and I am more determined than ever now thanks to all of you.

This break was not to pity myself but to remind myself why this is so important to me and what an amazing journey it has been so far. It’s not to be recognized in the community, not to have any kind of selfish thoughts. It is to help people, love people who need help and point them in the direction they need to go. To be able to say at the end of the day that I am satisfied with the work I have done and I have made a difference in the lives of those I have come in contact with. I have said this many times before but it is still true. The facebook page and all of the other social media outlets we run have become something that I never imagined would happen. We are on the brink of 8,000 page members, 1,000 twitter followers and thousands of blog views. I never dreamed of what would come of all of this and I can never thank any of you enough. Without all of our faithful supporters I and the admins would not be where we are today. I am more excited and motivated than I have ever been before about being an advocate for those of us who need one. I am getting involved with some well-known groups that are allowing me to become a better Activist and reach more people, I am working with the CCFA to start a support group in my area, and also working on a non-profit foundation that I hope to be up within the next year. Thank you all again for allowing me to be a part of your lives and to experience this amazing journey in my life.



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