It has been a while since I have blogged so I want to update everyone on how things are going since my hip surgery.

July 12th I had right hip core decompression because I have osteonecrosis in both of my hips due to steroids I was on for Crohn’s disease. It is called osteonecrosis because Osteo means bone and Necrosis means death, so my hips are literally dying at the young age of 20. The only option to treat this disease is surgery and depending on the stage of the disease theres different things to try, but inevitably I will need hip replacements this surgery was just to try and prolong that. I had the core decompression to try and relieve pressure and pain in my hip and give me some relief. It has been 4 weeks since surgery and unfortunately as of now the surgery has not worked. I have been using a walker since surgery and will continue on the walker until further notice, I cannot put any weight on my leg so no walking and I cant move it certain ways and it is very difficult and still in a lot of pain. I go back to the doctor the second week of september to see how things are and hopefully be able to start walking again but if things have not gone in the right direction I unfortunately will be having a hip replacement. So that is all on that subject, just a little update.

Now, onto other subjects I am starting school this next week taking a very light load due to my hip situation. You all know I eventually would like to be a doctor but because of the health issues I have decided to go to EMT school starting in the spring and become a paramedic first and then hopefully go to medical school later on. I am taking this detour because my health keeps slowing down my career and schooling and doing this will at least get me in the medical field and get me some experience dealing with patients and I have always loved the ER and emergency setting. I am very excited to do this! So please pray for me as I make the transition and that this semester goes smoothly while I continue to heal from surgery and try and get things back to normal.

For my Crohn’s and Colitis friends a little update on my disease for you guys! I am doing pretty well thankfully. I still have the minor issues but nothing major! My orthopedic surgeon has me on vitamin D 10,000 Units a day while I am healing and my vitamin D is on the lower end anyways and I have noticed that it is helping my stomach problems! Digging into some research Vitamin D in patients with IBD needs to be upwards of 60-80 on the 30-90 scale and mine was 39 so if you haven’t had it checked I would advise that and to start taking some Vitamin D3 every day because it helps! I was on the paleo diet before surgery and I was cooking my own meals and was doing great but since surgery I haven’t been able to cook so I have slipped a bit on the diet and I have noticed the difference but I still do my best trying to stay as close to it when my parents cook for me! I highly suggest anyone with IBD to try the diet. There are many supplements that help as well like Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 and a few others! Like my good friend Alan Schachter who passed away recently who was like a pioneer in my eyes for the diet and hollistic treatment for IBD said its not just one thing its a lot of things coming together to heal the gut! It truly is amazing though that people will not try it because it is so simple compared to the harsh medicines!

I like to post this Bible verse at the end of my blogs because it is my favorite one and helps me a lot with all of my health problems. 

 ” My HEALTH may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.” Psalm 73:26

I don’t like people to feel sorry for me due to my health problems I want people to see me fighting them with all I have and smiling all the time. I do complain some I will not lie about that and sometimes I do get down about it, but then I realize there are other people worse than myself and don’t have the support system that I have. I have a God who loves me and takes care of me and helps me get through the trials. I have a  great girlfriend who takes care of me and is there for me through thick and thin no matter whats going on she is always there for me and I also have my family who is always there for me and tons of friends who try to encourage me. I want to look at the positive things in my life and not the negatives because I have so many more positives than negatives! 🙂

Thank you guys for reading I hope you enjoyed it and I will try and post again soon! At least after my next doctors appointment! Until next time! 

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