First day at a New College!

So, today I moved into my dorm room! It has been nothing but excitement and been going going going non stop mostly! It was a brand new environment, new people and a lot of new found freedom! Even though I have been in college for 2 years I am now on my own! I am one of those people who wants to get involved with everything and meet as many people as I possibly can because thats my personality im very friendly! It is hard though with my Stomach Disease though because it has not adjusted to the new food in the cafeteria and well its been a tough night since I ate but it is getting better. These are some of the challenges I will be facing living on my own with my disease and fighting it on my own! Which will be challenging but will be good for me in learning how to deal with these things and a part of growing up and seeing what I am made of! I am nervous a little about mentioning it to my new friends because most people do not know about the disease and they just think its something like IBS when its not its totally different! So that will be new as well. But it will also be new ways to raise awareness! The good thing is I am doing very well sick wise right now so thats good and Im gonna try and do things to manage my stress level over the semester due to the amount of work I will have to put in to these classes. So I am very pumped about this new journey in my life I am looking forward to making tons of memories, new friends and learning a lot about myself as well I love being able to write all of this down and share it with you so hopefully you guys enjoy being able to see more into my daily life and more of who of the kind of person I am! 🙂

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