New Chapter in Life

Well, tomorrow I move into my dorm at the College I am transferring to! I will be a junior so college is not a new thing to me, but being out on my own is a new thing! I am beyond excited to be out and starting my life out on my own but it is pretty scary! I won’t be too far from home one reason because of my health and struggling with that and being in and out of the hospital its just better to have family close enough to be around. Its gonna be very exciting though to get in and make new friends and be involved but there is also that new level of stress added when the school work gets harder and studying will consume my life. There are many many new things on the horizon. Another good thing is my roommate is a good friend of mine who knows that I am a sick person and what I deal with it, so I won’t have to explain that to a roommate or deal with the embarrassment that comes a long with having a stomach disease that we all know about! It will be difficult explaining it to all of my new friends I make and when I am sick and can’t do things but hopefully they all are understanding! Im so excited to get in and get started! I hope everyone will pray for me and keep me in their thoughts as I begin my new journey in life! 🙂

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